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What Is The Difference Between Luxury Glamping Tent And Camping Tent?

The luxury glamping tent has become a new development direction for more and more hotel merchants. "Wild" is nature, representing a place of natural beauty, "luxury" is luxury, reflecting luxury, luxury and comfort, so a unique style of wild luxury glamping tent is created, but the problem is, it is also a wild camping accommodation, wild luxury What is the difference between glamping and camping tents?

Camping tent: It is a temporary camping place that is convenient for tourists to quickly build outdoors. Different prices and product quality are also different (large differences). Outdoor functions such as rain, wind, sun protection, ventilation and warmth (but within the acceptable range specified by the tent) are still tents, and the biggest feature is the installation. It is simple, easy to carry, and has wide applicability. However, the disadvantages are particularly prominent. First, the accommodation experience is poor, second, the service life is short, and third, the use area is small.

Luxury glamping tent: The tent is a prefabricated temporary living place that breaks the geographical restrictions and brings boutique luxury hotel services to nature to experience a long-forgotten quiet life. The materials required to build eco tent structures are steel structures, aluminum alloys, waterproof tarpaulins, glass walls, etc., which can resist 8~10 strong winds, are safe and stable, and are more suitable for long-term outdoor use, while the indoor use area is extremely spacious , can be fully equipped with daily necessities, furniture, bathrooms, provide a comfortable living environment, and can be quickly assembled and disassembled and transferred in any terrain.